Saturday, August 25, 2012

It Will Be Different

I think that sometimes its important to simply remember that things will feel differently than they do now, and that things will likely be different than they are now. This, in many ways, is a very very simple definition of hope.

Here's a great post (link below) at Xenogirl's blog about hope... whether the word crossed her mind or not. A letter that she's written from her future self. Talk about someone who is learning through the ebb and flow of life's heartaches, fears, victories and frailties, how to embrace hope in the smallest of places.

Whether your need for hope surrounds writing or career, calling or logistics, brokenness or addiction... the context doesn't matter. The reality is that there is likely a Future Self out there waiting for you too, waiting to write you a letter... a letter that would maybe tell you that all that work and toil and daily grind really does pay off... or maybe that you are right now leaning the ladder you're climbing up against all the wrong buildings and that real hope has always been right in front of you...

Or maybe a letter to you from your future self that says, "Yes, you really do have it in you. Dive in and hang on."

Thanks, Xenogirl, for a reminder that it will in fact be different than the way it feels right now, when I am afraid.

You can read her post entitled, "A Letter From My Future Self" and other gems at

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